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The Log Bait

  • Hitpoints6221
  • Damage4085
  • Tower Damage2263

Level 13

Goblin Barrel

Level 13


Level 13

Inferno Tower

Level 13

The Log

Level 13


Level 13

Ice Spirit

Level 13

Goblin Gang

Level 13


Overall Update Level 100.0% / 100%

Offence 36% : 64% Defence
Range 53% : 47% Melee
Air Atk 0% : 100% Gnd Atk
Air Def 41% : 59% Gnd Def

The deck's description from author

Log-bait is a very powerful meta deck and works well against hog PEKKA,miner, golem and others! If you can play it! Cards:

-Knight(no replacements, hog can be used, but then the deck will be changed and it will have a different archetype as well as play style)

-Ice Spirit(no replacements)

-Rocket(Fireball, but that is only if you put a hog in, in this deck we are going over the most popular log bait deck only)

-Log(Zap is an ok replacement at,but otherwise keep your log!)

-Goblin Gang(Zap-resistant, easier to level than skeleton army, and as cheap! No replacements)

-Goblin Barrel(No replacements)

-Princess(No replacements, sometimes dart goblin is a decent replacement, but it just does not work here)

-Inferno Tower(No replacements, kills tanks, harder to cycle than tombstone or cannon, but it guarantees damage to tanks, support with princess so it kills distractions)

2) Meta Rating: 8.75-9/10!(A score of well it does right now in meta) -Log bait is a top deck right now, it is used by top players in the top 200, CCGS(Crown Championship) like Surgical Goblin and Adam and others! It can hold itself against other decks very nicely and does not suffer too bad at the hands of other decks! You just have to learn how to play! It is a quicker deck with a 3.3 avg elixir, but do not play it as cycle, you make good trades, keep your opponent’s counters and mind and push their lane! Being able to know when to rocket cycle is important too!

-Golem: I have at least a 65% win rate against golem with this deck, depending on what cards they have and how elixir is looking -5/10 for hardness, not horrible, but needs practice, rocket the pumps or if they have no pump but place golem in the back, rush the OTHER LANE, most players unless they are having a large push in sync, will disregard this and you can push for a 1 crown victory or at least get the opp. side very low! Like I said, practice and it will become easier! -Keeping Princess alive in almost any beatdown scenario is more key than other ones, for the princess cleans up the support so your inferno tower does it's job!

3 Musketeers(All Variations): -They will have ram+bandit or ram+support+spells at beginning, make sure you rocket pumps! Once you rocket pumps, use princess and whatever other else you need in order to stop the push!(More detailed mechanics below!) -In 2x elixir you will be able to cycle your rocket or defense much faster! -6.5/10 for hardness, rocket pumps, but in this instance, make sure they do not have spells in hand to counter your knight +support push(edited)

Privelege|Academy: Xbow: -Xbow is popular right now, with the 3.1 Ice Wizard Inferno Dragon being the most used atm -In this matchup, keep your rocket and make sure you can almost always have elixir ready to rocket their xbow+support! -This is very important, as without the rocket,(rocket is most consistent counter), without it, Inferno Tower or knight+Goblin Gang are your counters, but Xbow support and or spells clear that all away, keeping a rocket in hand will allow you to win!(Then kill their support) -4/10 for hardness, I win 80% of my mtchups unless they are able to get a good Xbow on my tower, make sure you save rocket, THEN target the support in order to win, Rocket Cycle at the end in order to win, once you KNOW they cannot punish with an xbow+support

Hog cycle/Hog Exe Nado/Pekka Hog: -Hog is a harder matchup for sure, but beaten if you can play correctly and know when to punish! When facing hog, unless it is a heavier hog deck, do not always assume you need your defensive building, even a cannon is not always available and with this deck, sometimes gob gang+ice spirit can be much more beneficial! Bait their zap for your tower or have ice spirit ready to counteract the effect! Making sure you can limit hog hits is important, but also know when you can take a hit! Don’t waste a log or gang that can be used elsewhere! This comes down to decision making, but eventually, you will understand the correct combos for it. -7/10 for hardness, this fluctuates depending on matchup, but if you can understand their cycle and apply pressure you can win! Know their counters predict when they place a hog if they have not placed anything within the past 15 seconds and keep your gang and knight in cycle! (*If they have mega knight, use inferno tower+rocket to insure that support does not target!)

Miner Poison: -Ahh Miner Poison, one of the harder matchups to log bait, but a fun matchup nonetheless! You will need to pull out some stops and really focus! This deck if it includes Poison+Log, will be VERY difficult if they get value poisons, as a miner poison player in challenges, I can say this for a fact, truly, you must be watching their hand and punish them! Make sure that the miner does not get too many hits, but it is OK should you need to take a hit in order to build an offense! 8/10 for hardness or a 4/10, in this matchup, do not play into their value spells and do not allow their support to attack your tower! know their spells cost and how much dmg they do and how much time your spells need!(More on this below!)

GraveYard Poison: -Normally you will be able to defeat them if you can defend the GY, using Goblin Gang and not playing into their poison like with miner is very important! You can usually tell if they are playing it you see bowler and a baby dragon or some kind of splash troop+nado and a GY -When playing against GY, most players will wait for you to make a bad trade and then expose your elixir disadvantage!(As a former GY player, I know this!) -Utilizing Inferno Tower and killing their support before they have enough for a GY push is important, a naked GY does nothing besides a tad of chip damage, it is a GY that is not being targeted that kills the tower! Be wary of their cards and make sure that the support do not build up! When transitioning to offense, they will normally not have too many reactive spells besides a poison to harm your troops, use this to your advantage, take a tower and defend for the last bit! -6/10 for hardness, it is not hard to play against, in fact it is just the fact that defending is tricker than offense with this deck! Keep in mind spells and take care of the support! Giant: -Use inferno+ice spirit for the giant for an effective takedown, rocket or use knight+support to kill their supports, recognize good opportunities to push, due to giant decks consisting of medium elixir cost cards. Not much to say, other than do not disregard their support for the moment and make sure your inferno can do the damage to the giant! -6.5/10 for hardness, making sure the giant dies is first priority, then afterwards support! Keep your goblin barrels on their tower and do not allow for a punish from if you rocket! Against giant do not push other lane, they will then split push, instead send a naked goblin barrel over to same lane as giant to learn one counter, sit down and bank elixir for defense!

Mortar: -Utilizing Knight+Goblin Gang+Spells is important here, do not rocket their mortar unless necessary, use a knight placed far from the mortar in order to distract mortar, and a log+goblin gang to clear up the support! Make sure you are wary of when they rocket in hand for a final chip damage attack, and when they have arrows for your barrel! -3.5/10 for hardness, not a deck seen too much in challenges, but in higher level ladder for sure! Identify their support and spell counters, and punish accordingly! They rely on chip damage, but if they see you blocking them consistently, they may rocket cycle! Keep this in mind and be sure you can cycle with them too in order to grab the win you need! Lavaloon: -An easier matchup for log bait, and just an overall annoying deck not seen much, it is easier to beat when not in 2x mode,as 2 air heavy win-cons and nothing besides a princess and a tower to defend is tricky, it is beatable and very possible, but due to them running arrows, you will want to understand when they have it in hand so you can use your princess to kill everything! 6/10 for hardness, LavaLoon is not to beat if you are not exp against it, and even then a bad rotation can just mess everything up for you! Making sure you can punish is important, but since most lava loon decks carry arrows, they will be able to take out a large majority of your deck, you will really have to bait them here! A rocket+Inferno Tower can work, but this 11 elixir and in 1x time, everything will have to be distracted so you can utilize the rocket’s small radius! IF you can keep them from getting value with their lightning on your tower(if they have lightning) you can defend! Otherwise, push for a draw on ladder and in challenges, keep punishing them and pressuring very heavily! If you are not sure, practice with a clanmate or friend, this is a tricky matchup for sure, making sure you understand your mechanics perfectly and their spells are crucial for this one especially! 1x elixir - Don't let them build up a push with balloon and lava, use inferno tower wisely, don't need to use it always for lava if there is nothing supporting it. IMO is really easy to deal with lavaloon in 1x elixir 2x elixir - Lavaloon gets more powerful, try not to enter to 2x with an elixir disadvantage, rocket the ballon (many times you will rocket support unit as well ej. minions, megaminion) and use princess in front of your king tower first tile from opposite side of the push. -Go for a 1 crown against it!

OverLeveled Troops/VERY Off Meta Decks: -Annoying to deal with but easily beatable due to weird arrangements, avoid making bad trades, know their spells and know when to rocket cycle OR push for a draw, ladder is hard, but do not get tilted and you can prevail

3) Log bait does wonders in this meta, protect the princess and understanding the counters of your opponents are without a doubt the most important components! Knowing when to use tower and rocket cycling may very well just save your life, and knowing just how much you can deal is a must too, let’s go into placements for right now! Some people use the version with dart goblin for ice spirit and tombstone for inferno tower, while the elixir average of 3.3 is the same, it is a lot more susceptible to tanky decks, but better against hog/overleveled decks, although I have found success with both, I use the original due to easier leveling and being able to insure a tank killer is far more important than adding the extra bait element. I can help with both, but the 1st is much more time proven!(Unless you know what your opponent is running, then pick and choose!(edited)

4) Placements: -Placing Inferno Tower: At a 4-3 plant is crucial for tanks, but a 3-4 being more efficient for hogs is ideal in that situation, search up OJ’s building placement on youtube for more!

-Knight+Ice Spirit: In the middle between towers will kite EBarbs and any other non tower targeting troop towards it for both towers to hit, it practice optimal placements and understand the limitations of when you can do it, sometimes you will have to think more on your feet!

-Goblin Gang in the middle unless it is a hog or a splash damage troop, this will avoid the opponent getting value logs and can allow for a small counter push of gang+barrel!

-Ice Spirit+Inferno Tower can counteract the effects of a zap on your tower, make sure you retarget the support of said tank in order to combat them!

-Princess+Ice Spirit: A surprise minion horde cannot always be dealt with just a lone princess, you will need an ice spirit if they are closing in fast, place the princess 4 tiles in front of your king tower with the ice spirit a tile away from the minion horde, not in front of them, this will take the horde out allow your princess to live and for you to bait them more!(edited)

5) How-to-Play in set up times throughout: 3:00-2:00: During this time play passive in order to garner a sense for your opponent’s counters and how they themselves are playing their deck against yours, make sure you are counting their cycle and be wary of any damage they have taken throughout. Deal accordingly with any threats put up by them and counter push should you feel you can gain a possible advantage, do not overextend, make sure you have enough to defend properly and not make silly mistakes

2:00-1:00: During this time, making sure you have gotten some good chip damage on the opponent is crucial as this damage can break or make the game, keeping in mind how aggressive your enemy is playing is imprint, for if you can predict their attack, you punish even harder with yours! Upping the tempo here is fine, but keep yourself in check and make sure that you understand your trades and that you do not question your decisions, always make sure that you are making the best trade, for example, if they are placing a knight down, know that an ice spirit 4 tiles away will run on to it,t the knight will get kited, and you just made a +2 trade, no need to waste your goblin gang and give away more elixir(edited) [5:40 PM] Privelege|Academy: 1:00-0:00(And extra time): During this time, you can cycle faster and push much harder than other times, all the while keeping your opponent’s spells in mind and their rotation! If you are both fighting for a second tower, understand they can punish you in the pocket or even not, that their elixir will allow them to play tanks faster, so keeping your placements consistent is yet another key. Pressuring them with more barrels and knights and goblin gangs in the pocket can give you the slight advantage to win!(Knowing when to rocket cycle is important too! Know when to save and to advance!) Play till the end, and understand your limitations if you can push for a draw! 6) Final Tips -Know when you can rocket cycle! I say this a lot, but knowing when is super important and can mean the game, I find myself losing more when I do not do this as to opposed when I do

KEEP IN MIND: -A goblin barrel unhindered at tournament levels does 744 damage to a tower(a tournament level barrel)

-Rocket at tourney standards is 493 damage, log is 96 damage= 589 damage, 589 times 2= 1178 damage! So if the opponent has ~1500 Health, 2 rockets, 2 logs and one barrel or 3 princess hits will take it out, that 22 damage can make a difference, keep the numbers in mind!

-Princess level 1 is 140 damage, keep this in mind when cycling

-Ice Spirit is 95 damage, a reliable log cycle! Get as many as possible!

-Use the Ice Spirit+Barrel Combo as much as possible, it will do almost 2000 damage due to the freezing unhindered!

-Knowing Goblin Barrel Placements is important! Sometimes a trickster barrel allows for more hits, but they are also easier to predict, putting the the barrel directly on the tower will allow for direct damage! Here you will have to know their current hand/counters and decide on what is best for you!(edited)

7) Final Lookover -You have made it to the end of the guide! Congrats, but here is still some parting words I must give you! Knowing your deck is crucial for anything, but for this one, practice before any tourneys or ladder would be very good as it gives you an edge and knowing the deck and it’s counters is what will allow you to win! Another thing is having good decision making, this will give you nice judgements of when or what to cycle and the best option to keep the tempo going. This deck is mainly based on chipping off the tower and you have to be able to keep the pressure while also not allowing the opponent to take your tower. This is again seen in most decks, but by baiting spells, you can chip off their tower and take the game! Do not get too greedy for a 3 crown, but also if you feel you can take their second tower in order to keep yourself from a loss, do so! Keep your self contented with every move you make, watch the counters and keep baiting!