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Royal Giant Beatdown

  • Hitpoints14929
  • Damage3022
  • Tower Damage2395

Level 12


Level 13

Inferno Tower

Level 12


Level 13


Level 13

Ice Wizard

Level 10

Royal Giant

Level 13


Level 12


Overall Update Level 88.2% / 100%

Offence 46% : 54% Defence
Range 51% : 49% Melee
Air Atk 0% : 100% Gnd Atk
Air Def 29% : 71% Gnd Def

The deck's description from author

- Build Counter Pushes
- Bowler and barbs work best on countering; Ebarbs, Hog, mini pekka, musketeer etc...
- Pressure with barbs, prince or/and bowler when the opponent plays a 7 or 8 elixir card (not elixir pump, because it's a dangerous play)
- Only use Inferno tower for stronger tanks (not hog riders nor royal hogs) RG, Giant, balloon etc.
- Use the prince when counter pushing to take out tank killers
- Bait fireball whenever possible to play the wizard safely
- Save the ice wiz or wizard when going against zap bait, miner decks
- (Risky) use the offensive inferno tower when playing RG along with barbarians against the pekka to apply pressure
- Avoid Clustering when against rocket, sparky or lightning

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