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Hog super defence

  • Hitpoints8489
  • Damage2513
  • Tower Damage1658

Level 13

Spear Goblins

Level 13


Level 13

Hog Rider

Level 13

Inferno Dragon

Level 13


Level 13


Level 13

Ice Wizard

Level 13


Overall Update Level 100.0% / 100%

Offence 44% : 56% Defence
Range 56% : 44% Melee
Air Atk 23% : 77% Gnd Atk
Air Def 47% : 53% Gnd Def

The deck's description from author

You can put ice golem instead of knight, and ice spirit instead of spear goblins.
For defence put a Tesla down, ice wizard behind and a knight/ice golem to occupy enemy troops.
A basic attack starts with hog rider and spear goblins. Add zap and poison to max out the attack. You can include a knight in there also. It depends.
It is a really fun to play deck. Have fun with it. Play it 10 times before you judge it.
Thank you!

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