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Balloon rage spam

  • Hitpoints6145
  • Damage2486
  • Tower Damage2178

Level 12


Level 12


Level 10


Level 9

Inferno Dragon

Level 10


Level 11


Level 10

Ice Golem

Level 10


Overall Update Level 66.6% / 100%

Offence 59% : 41% Defence
Range 23% : 77% Melee
Air Atk 70% : 30% Gnd Atk
Air Def 45% : 55% Gnd Def

The deck's description from author

Spam the loon.
Ice golem balloon rage. Zap and arrow for bats and minion horde.
Ice wizard and electro wizard will give you problems. For that, you can include the Valkyrie in the attack.
You can always put freeze in there and take out rage.
Remember that princess must stay alive as long as possible.
If you dont like arrows put poison or fireball if you want a quicker spell.
It is fun to play.
I remember playing it at triple elixir. We said WTF??

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